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Aerospace EngineeringDustcontrol UK Ltd. discuss the problems associated with dust pollution in modern fibreglass production facilities and how an integrated high vac system can provide the competitive advantage you may be wondering how to achieve.Fibreglass has many unique qualities and is used in an increasing number of industries such as automotive, marine, aviation and wind turbine. The increased use of fibreglass has resulted in problems for personnel as well as production itself.

Significant health risks. Fibreglass dust makes you itch just by looking at it Faults in electronics increase costs
In addition to the negative consequences of health, the fibreglass dust causes faults in computers and other production equipment. Visibility for the operators is decreased in many working situations and in most companies the cost for cleaning has increased.
Fortunately there are efficient solutions to the problem
With 35 years of experience, Dustcontrol offers a unique know-how about on-tool extraction that draws away, filters and removes the dangerous particles. With on-tool extraction, the dust is collected where it is created. The result is a cleaner working environment and in many cases, increased product quality because of less contamination during production.

The right extraction system contributes to health and economy
• Improved health through less fibreglass dust and other particles in the air.
• Safer work and increased productivity since there is no dust decreasing the operator’s visibility.
• Increased productivity due to fewer disturbances in surrounding areas.
• Eliminates need for dedicated grinding room.
• Longer life time for tools and electronic equipment.
• Reduced time and costs for cleaning.
• Less faults due to dust in computers and electronics.
•    Extraction system can also be incorporated into FOD prevention scheme.

Strict environmental requirements combined with advanced technical solutions encouraged the manufacturer of Airbus to choose solutions from Dustcontrol for their German installation in Mühlenberger Loch, outside Hamburg. The suction systems are designed for continuous operation. The deliveries covered complete installation of pneumatic, mechanical and control systems. Special emphasis was put upon EX protected installations. Three of the four installations have been purpose-built for dust explosion risks, complying with a k value of 180 bar m/sec. In addition to offering a dustless environment for such tasks as drilling, milling and grinding, the suction systems are used for general vacuum cleaning tasks and extraction of residue materials during riveting and gluing works. Also sealant materials and chrome residual products are involved. The materials which are commonly extracted are aluminium, GLARE (GLAss-REinforced” Fibre Metal Laminate), carbon fibre, fibreglass, epoxy, polyester, aluminium alloys and titanium.

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