SenGenuity manufactures the robust state-of-the-art precision solid-state ViSmart™ threaded bolt viscosity sensor at 0.5 inches diameter and 3 inches long for in-line and on-line fluid applications

State-of-the-art precision solid-state sensors for


The ViSmart™ sensor instantaneously measures a wide range of viscosity while rated for temperatures up to 125˚C with its utilization of high-temperature electronics.

The ViSmart™ solid-state viscosity sensors do not have moving parts and measure viscosity and temperature instantaneously. Field calibration is not required and the sensor is immune to vibrate or shock; also it is flow-independent which allow for flexibility in its installation. Low power, portable, hermetically sealed for full-immersion, it is robustly designed for challenging in-line applications. Also present is a proprietary hard coat surface that is scratch proof and abrasion resistant which allows the sensor to be operable in extreme environments. Viscosity and temperature data can be delivered via USB, 4-20 mA, 0-4V, RS232 or CANBus protocols allowing ready application in field operations or installed directly on the equipment for continuous monitoring of viscosity.

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Viscotek offers unique automated approach for intrinsic viscosity measurement


while automation eliminates the errors associated with manual instruments

Viscotek, a Malvern company, is unique in providing fully automated, temperature-controlled measurement of polymer dilute solution viscosity (DSV). A closed solvent loop in the Viscotek DSV system provides high levels of safety while automation eliminates the errors associated with manual instruments, improving precision and accuracy.

DSV is used widely in the bulk polymer industry, with the intrinsic viscosity data often used to verify the production quality of many bulk polymers, polyethylene terephthalate (PET) being a prime example. The speed, convenience and robustness of the Viscotek DSV system make it a clear alternative to conventional techniques that use glass apparatus, which is time-consuming both to use and to clean.

By accurately and rapidly determining the intrinsic viscosity of the produced polymer, the whole polymer production plant can be operated in the most efficient and economical way possible.

With a dual capillary viscometer, viscosity is determined by comparing the pressure drop induced over a capillary by solvent and sample solution. Measurements are made according to ASTM approved Method D 5225-92.

For information on the full Viscotek range, visit www.viscotek.com

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