http://www.engineeringmaintenance.info/images/stories/ITTM%20warehouse.jpgCoGri Group has been involved in providing SuperFlat floors in Asia since 1992.   To serve the rapidly developing Logistics Industry in Singapore, CoGri Asia Pacific Pte Ltd (CGAP) was formed in 1994.

In August 2008, CoGri Group’s first survey contract in Taiwan was awarded to CGAP.  The Imperial Tobacco Taiwan Manufacturing Co. Ltd (ITTM) new VNA warehouse is one of the Imperial Tobacco Group 58 production factories located in 160 countries worldwide. Imperial Tobacco is a leading international tobacco company, which manufactures, markets and sells a comprehensive range of cigarettes, tobaccos, rolling papers, filter tubes and cigars.

The project required CGAP to conduct a Defined Movement Survey of the existing floor using the FACE Digital Profileograph. Results of the Profileograph Survey showed the as-built floor tolerances were not TR34 SuperFlat compliant.

CGAP were subsequently awarded a contract to bring the floor into tolerance. In September 2008, CGAP began upgrading the ITTM warehouse.  The Laser Grinder® was utilised to upgrade 576 linear meters of aisle way, using 3-wheel track grinding.

The Laser Grinder® machine was mobilised for the project directly from Australia after our project  in Sydney was completed.  Transit from Australia took longer than expected due to delays in the shipping schedule.  The machine arrived and grinding started at the end of  November.

To reduced further delays,  the CoGri team pulled together by working on the Laser Grinder®  in double shifts.  This enabled the project to complete earlier than scheduled in December.

In total, CGAP upgraded 8 aisles, each measured 72m long, and brought the floor in compliance with the requirements set out in the UK Concrete Society’s Technical Report 34 (TR34) SuperFlat for lift heights greater than 13 meters.

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