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The piggy bank for both your wallet and the environment

airw j 2013bBuying a new air compressor is a large investment for both large and small companies. But in fact, a compressor’s investment cost is very low if you look at a compressor’s life cycle.

Approximately 75% of the total cost is power / energy costs. If you are thinking of investing in a new compressor, it is this cost we at Worthington Creyssensac will try to minimize.

Worthington Creyssensac offers a brilliantly engineered solution to save energy in your compressed air production: the frequency driven compressor.


A frequency driven compressor has a different work pattern than a fixed speed compressor, with lower peaks and a smoother air profile. The reason that the curve looks different for a frequency driven compressor is that it adjusts itself to the air demand and produces precisely the amount needed at the moment.

A pressure sensor in the frequency driven compressor reports the exact pressure to the controller which gives then a signal to the inverter about the air demand situation. The inverter adjusts the motor speed depending on the pressure settings.

A frequency driven compressor saves
 in average between 25-35% in electrical cost compared to your previous compressor installation.
The technology, offered to you by Worthington Creyssensac, is a real piggy bank both for the environment and for your energy bill.

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