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Complete package – the new “Sauer Marine Standard“ for starting air compressors

sauer-april-4Starting air compressors are only a small part of a new ship, but one that is all the more important during operation. For this reason, it is necessary that their most recent specifications are already available to shipyards when ordering. Otherwise, operators may face some disadvantages: inadequate operation, high maintenance costs, low machine availability and many more.
The Sauer "Marine model" is there to prevent this! After carrying out a joint analysis with our customers, we developed this new series whose standard model contains everything required by classification societies and everything needed to ensure reliable, efficient operation. This enabled us to cover about 90 % of all special requirements, and further option packages can be selected – many of which are even free of charge.
By the way: An “extra“ that will be included as part of the standard model is the future IE2 motor that Sauer is currently developing for shipping.
Future Sauer standard: IE2 electric motors for shipbuilding
“The operating costs are eating me alive!“
Many can probably relate wholeheartedly to this recent comment made by a well-known ship owner. Saving on energy on board is still an important issue.
While starting air compressors may not be at the forefront as energy guzzlers, savings can still be made here too. For this reason, Sauer is working on introducing high efficiency IE2-standard electric motors – as the standard drive for shipbuilding compressors from the Marine series!
Existing IE2 motors are unsuitable: According to the standard IEC 60034-30:2008, they are specified neither for operation above an ambient temperature of 40° C, nor for the typical on-board supply voltage of 440 V. Together with our certified motor suppliers, we are going to close this gap. And this beyond statutory provision, for even the most recent “Eco- Directive“ 2009/125/EC excludes ships.
IE2 motors
– lower operating costs
– generate less exhaust heat
– are easy on the environment
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