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Dave with 40 years maintenance experience say that getting the task frequency wrong for critical failure modes will result in much higher operating costs. Fig 1 shows there is an optimum time to replace and if maintenance action is delayed costs rise very steeply. Fig 2 shows that the costs are very sensitive to maintenance interval, while Fig 3 shows the cost curve when the failure is random and PM is not cost effective.
RCM++4 has the capability to select frequencies based on optimum costs or by setting a certain level of risk. Many practioners based their task frequency selection based on MTBF’s – this is unacceptable.

RCM++ follows a structured process, i.e.
- Create Equipment Hierarchy
- Conduct an Equipment criticality Analysis
- Perform a Functional Analysis
- Determine consequence of failure
- List Failure Modes and their failure characteristics
- Select and define tasks, optimise and assign frequency
- Package Tasks
- Generate reports
As indocated RCM++ provides a number of features to speed up the data entry process
- Copy from FMEA templates
- Import from Excel, e.g. for people with existing studies and want to hold them in a single database
- Bulk add data from Look Up tables for functions, failures, failure modes and tasks

Dave is passionate in trying to get companies to start collecting good history data and just as important to use this data for decision making. Typically in maintenance we have bad data, worse data or no data and then bias can creep in, or often people have collected good data but either don’t have time or the knowledge to make use of this valuable information. Companies need to address this issue now.
RCM++4 will be demonstrated on the Ramsoft Ltd Stand H22 as well as number of other analysis tools to support decision making. Ramsoft conduct in house and public courses in a range of reliability and maintenance topics both in the UK and overseas.

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