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Designed for a frequent user of infrared, the ThermaCAM® T-Series has a number of time-saving features to make the job easier and quicker.  The camera for example introduces Thermal Fusion.  This allows the automatic and seamless transition of images from thermal to visual and vice versa whilst retaining all measurement functions in both view modes.

 Images are displayed on a large 3.5 inch touch screen – an industry first.  This opens up the possibility of additional functions such as sketching via stylus and text entry via on-screen QWERTY keyboard.  The camera provides a 320 x 240 pixel resolution from a detector specifically developed for this model by FLIR Systems.  Indeed every vital element of this camera is manufactured by the company including the lenses.

For thermographers seeking advanced capabilities there is a range of options provided by the ThermaCAM® P-Series.  Top of this range is the ThermaCAM® P640, another trend-setter from FLIR Systems.  This was the world’s first ever portable 640 x 480 infrared camera providing more than 707,000 measurement points.  This exceptional image quality allows the camera to be used at greater distances from the target, an important development in the inspection of high voltage installations.  It also allows surveys to be undertaken quicker as fewer images need to be taken to complete the picture.

For many involved in plant maintenance however all that is required is an effective method of detecting a problem without the option for in-depth analysis.  Again FLIR Systems has focused development on this sector too and its choice of find-it-fix-it models is as comprehensive as its higher-end products.  InfraCAM® continues to provide the answer for most.   This easily portable, torch-style camera is a true toolbox tool designed for spot checks and limited analysis.

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