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We were established back in 1991, which gives us over fifteen years of experience in supplying equipment to major industrial companies all around the world. Our objective is to supply easy-to-use and reliable predictive maintenance (and related) equipment.

Some of our main markets include...

Armed forces
Automotive (e.g. maintenance and quality control)
Food processing (e.g. maintenance)
Generation and transmission
Oil and gas (e.g. commissioning, maintenance and operations)
Pharmaceutical and chemical (e.g. maintenance and production)
As a distributor for a number of principals (such as All-Test Pro, Flir Systems, UE Systems and Varian), one of our key aims is to support our customers before and after any purchase. Here are just some of the ways in which we achieve this...

Application-focused presentations and seminars
Calibration, repair and servicing of equipment 


Newsletters featuring announcements, user-contributed tips and success stories, etc
Our website, which includes up-to-date product information, manuals, software updates, etc
Product demonstrations, evaluations and rental
Technical advice and support via e-mail, site visits and telephone
Training with annual Level 1 courses and tailored on-site sessions 

Products and software  

We supply a wide-range of products, with different kit configurations and models available to suit a range of budgets and needs. An important focus for us, though, has always ultrasound and infrared, recently complimented by the addition of motor testing.

We started out many years ago with just the Ultraprobe, a hand-held tool that listens for ultrasound (which is above human hearing) and can be used for applications such as bearing monitoring, leak detection and steam trap testing. And by introducing thermal imaging, we believe the two technologies compliment each other rather well.

Our range of cameras, which are manufactured by the world leader in infrared - Flir Systems - are suitable for both building and electrical inspections, along with some other, particularly interesting uses. With easy-to-use software included as standard, and cameras available at almost every price point, infrared has fast become an essential tool for condition monitoring and maintenance.

In 2005, we then became the sole UK distributor for a series of motor testing instruments, which can evaluate the health of a motor whilst off-line or under load. Two of the models available also include software as part of the basic package, which can organise the data we collect, perform automated analysis and generate a variety of work order and condition assessment reports.

In addition to the above, we supply a number of other complimentary products. These include our range of Thermographic Inspection Windows, which are quick and easy to fit and allow for safer infrared inspections, and the PHD-4 (the successor to the HeliTest) for leak detection. Furthermore, we also offer a rental service for some of these products. For more information on this, please contact us.

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