Prevent accidental vehicle drive-offs from dock doors – A video presentation.

A unique, new, loading bay management system, which helps to prevent accidental vehicle drive-offs from dock doors in distribution centres.


Loading Bay management - anti drive-off system

Traka’s key and asset management products are used worldwide by organisations to control and audit valuable items and equipment.

Traka’s loading bay management is a unique and easily installed, affordable solution to an industry problem that has caused countless accidents and injury.

The anti drive-off solution has been designed for installation into a distribution centre to:

• prevent a delivery truck being driven away before the dock-door is closed and safe
• control who can operate and open a loading bay
• Manage and control the delivery drivers
• collect door usage information
• form part of an integrated system to manage on site equipment including fork trucks, cleaning machines, AMT’s and other mobile computers or specialist equipment.

System Components

The system is comprised of two parts a) Traka key cabinets and associated iFobs and b) Loading Systems dock doors and associated control equipment. Each door control box is connected (daisy chain) to the key cabinet to provide the intelligent control process.

The solution can easily be retro-fitted to existing Loading Systems dock-door systems, as well as to new site installs.

How does it work?

When a driver arrives on-site he checks in and is assigned a loading bay. The driver parks up and returns to the transport office. His keys are taken
from him and attached to a Traka iFob representing the dock number. The iFob is then inserted into the Traka cabinet (it can only be inserted into the correct location). Once inserted this allows a related iFob to be withdrawn and given to the driver. He keeps this as his “receipt” and without this he
cannot retrieve his keys.

At all times the only person who may take the keys in the Traka cabinet is a Transport Manager or equivalent. This is controlled by the users ID card or unique PIN.

Only when the driver’s iFob is inserted and the corresponding “receipt” iFob withdrawn is the connection to the dock door made. This can be seen by the Green LED that glows on the dock door controller. Now the door may be opened. This requires the insertion of a suitably authorised iFob as carried at all times by an authorised operative or supervisor.

The additional benefit obtained by using an authorised iFob (in exactly the same way as an iFob is authorised to drive a fork truck) is that the iFob audits the opening of each dock door.

This audit trail is automatically downloaded every time the iFob is “recharged” for the next day’s activities. Doors may be closed at any time, even without the use of an authorised iFob. However, the doors may only be opened once the correct procedure is adopted at the Transport office AND an authorised iFob is used to activate the door.

Once the goods have been unloaded the door is closed. Only AFTER the door has been closed can the driver’s keys be taken but firstly the drivers “receipt” iFob must be inserted.

The Traka system removes any ambiguity and the element of human error.

What are the benefits?

• Ensures drivers cannot drive off before
the loading bay has been made safe
• Restrict who can open dock doors
o Increase safety compliance
o Improve warehouse security
o Reduce stock losses
o Minimise human error
• Integrated intelligent system
o Manage dock door control
o Utilise with other MHE
• Provide MI performance indicators
o Number of door open/closes
o Monitor tipping duration
o Plan for scheduled servicing
• Easily retro-fitted to existing systems

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