Condition Monitoring/Predictive Maintenance

Eliminate 52% of bearing failures with LabTecta®66

pump 6 july 15Save your bearings with LabTecta®66, which can reduce bearing oil contamination from 83% to 0.0003%.


Research shows that 52% of bearing failures are due to contamination of the bearing oil, which represent 20.8% of all rotating equipment failures.

LabTecta®66 is a labyrinth design bearing protection seal, which is proven to increase equipment reliability in pumps, electric motors, fans, pillow blocks, steam turbines and gearboxes.

SPM Instrument presents HD Enveloping - a new era in vibration monitoring

12 june 15 5

SPM Instrument, leading worldwide provider of condition monitoring technology and products, now announces the launch of HD Enveloping®, a new high definition vibration enveloping technique for detection of early stage gear and bearing faults. (Read More)

Holmen Paper Hallsta invests in online condition monitoring of Nash pumps

12 june 15 3

Swedish paper mill Holmen Paper Hallsta has extensive experience in condition monitoring and has worked closely with SPM for many years. Now the mill is upgrading the monitoring of a number of Nash pumps to a newer online system. (Read More)

SPM Instrument presents the DuoTech accelerometer

12 june 15 1

SPM Instrument, leading worldwide provider of condition monitoring technology and products, now announces the global market introduction of DuoTech®, a new multi-purpose accelerometer for vibration and shock pulse measurement. (Read More)

Wireless vibration analysis made more comfortable

17 08 15 6PRÜFTECHNIK adds new features to VIBCONNECT RF

A new firmware update elevates PRÜFTECHNIK’s wireless online condition monitoring system VIBCONNECT RF to a higher plane. With its wireless technology, VIBCONNECT RF is the perfect fit for applications, which require the wireless transfer of vibration measurement data over long distances.

New alignment solution for vertical machines

17 08 15 4Aligning vertical-mounted machines such as pumps no longer demands a great deal of patience and expertise. PRUFTECHNIK has just released vertiSWEEP, a continuous measurement method that eliminates the need to stop the shaft rotation at fixed positions to take the necessary readings.

The art of measuring low-frequency vibrations

17 08 15 3The art of measuring low-frequency vibrations

Rotor blades in wind turbines are growing longer – but also slower.

Multimegawatt wind turbines turn even more slowly. This means that reproducible low-frequency vibration monitoring will gain in importance not only for the main rotor but also for the slow-operating gearbox components and roller bearings. Reliably measuring low frequencies, however, can be rather tricky.

AMETEK Land introduces NEW Cyclops L - portable non-contact thermometers

amtek-nov-2014AMETEK Land, a leader in non-contact temperature measurement, combustion efficiency and environmental emissions monitoring, has launched the latest update to its Cyclops™ family of portable, high-precision, non-contact thermometers – the Cyclops L.

With its internal data logging capabilities, configurable route modes and dedicated software, the Cyclops L further establishes AMETEK Land as the industry leader in high-quality, portable non-contact temperature measurement.

Land Instruments - Arc radiometric thermal imager –for a smarter image

land-nov-14Arc is a range of general purpose thermal imaging cameras which are rugged enough to withstand heavy industrial applications, while compact enough for use in R&D and Automation. Arc is a high resolution radiometric thermal imager providing detailed thermal images with outstanding temperature accuracy.

Arc is available with two temperature ranges (-20 to 500°C and 100 to 1000°C), four lenses, two frame rates and three software variants to meet exact user requirements.

Advanced Condition Monitoring for the wind energy industry

17 08 15 2

VIBGUARD® XP with 20 synchronous channels

At the WINDENERGY tradeshow in Hamburg PRÜFTECHNIK Condition Monitoring presents VIBGUARD® XP, a new version of the proven Online Condition Monitoring system VIBGUARD® which is especially suited for the wind industry. VIBGUARD® XP fits perfectly

The power of precision laser shaft alignment - PRÜFTECHNIK releases best-in-class new sensor

17 08 15 5Visitors of the Maintain in Munich early June can rejoice.  PRÜFTECHNIK will be showing RS5, the new sensor for its proven measurement system OPTALIGN Smart RS.

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