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Dental lab milling machines and 3D printers benefit from oil-free compressors

By releasing the new MGF X Line range of oil-free compressors into the UK market, FPS Air Compressors is providing dental labs running CAD/CAM-driven milling machines and 3D printers with a proven way to utilise a continuous and highly reliable source of clean, dry compressed air without risk of contamination.

Computer-Aided Design/Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) systems are finding growing use in the creation of dental restorations such as crowns, bridges and veneers. The new X Line can supply clean and dry compressed air continuously and reliably to CAD/CAM-driven milling processes, ensuring the precise, reliable and high-integrity production of dental prosthetics.

A further benefit of using innovative MGF X Line compressor technology at dental labs is increased air capacity and, subsequently, lower energy bills. This advantage arrives courtesy of a patented MGF system that reduces the air requirements of the membrane dryer, which in turn increases the available flow of air from the compressor by 20-25% to help optimise dental lab processes such as milling.

The X Line is also ideal for serving 3D printers, which although an additive rather than a subtractive process like milling, still need a compressor that provides continuous, high air quality and low vibration to support the precision and stability demanded by the 3D Printers industry. Notably, as 3D printing technology becomes more widespread, the importance of air quality in the printing process is gaining more and more attention in the process.

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Producing consistent air quality is a primary capability of X Line compressors, which house a 0.01 µm filtration system and a high-quality, high-efficiency membrane dryer. The provision of clean, dry, continuous air allows dental labs everywhere to take advantage of uninterrupted workflows. X Line compressors run at a maximum pressure of 10 bar, producing constant air flow at the capacity stated from a broad range of models suitable for multi applications.

Offering yet another advantage, the low vibration of the cabinet-housed X Line air compressors contributes to quiet operation. In addition to the four ‘Base’ models, a trio of ‘Silent’ versions are available providing low noise levels that do not exceed 53-56 dB(A). Furthermore, with the robust build quality, X Line compressors offer highly durable operation and a long service life, helping to minimise total cost of ownership (TCO) for dental labs.

Ultimately, the MGF X Line combines efficiency, performance and reliability with extremely quiet operation, providing genuine added value to dental labs running CAD/CAM-driven milling and 3D printing processes.

In addition, FPS extensive range of oil-free and SCROLL compressors are suitable for a myriad of applications in other sectors that demand high air quality. These include: product handling and packaging at food and beverage plants; aseptic processes and cleanrooms in pharmaceutical facilities; circuit board manufacturing and chip production in the electronics market; jet looms and air splicing at textile factories; testing and analytical instruments at research laboratories; and sampling and analysis devices in environmental monitoring processes.

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