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Maintenance and OEE - how close is the link?

Idhammar chartTalking to Joel Leonard, the

Ground-breaking browser-based CMMS revealed by Shire

ss014 pirana engineerPirana sets fresh benchmarks for performance and ease of use at a new industry-low price-point. The cost of ownership has been pared down and its stunning simplicity ensures instant access to a powerhouse of essential features - the combination guarantees rapid success in any size of company.

Compact, nimble and powerful, Pirana was born out of the wish-lists of maintenance practitioners. Only the features they rate as vital are included, making Pirana supremely light and affordable. Pirana is easy and intuitive; nothing gets in the way of users accessing its phenomenal ability to store, organise, search and report essential maintenance data.

Pirana dove-tails exactly with critical real-world maintenance priorities: taking control, keeping good order and guaranteeing compliance.


Marty Osborne October 10, 2007 - Infor today announced availability of Infor EAM Advanced Mobile, an adaptable portable asset management solution that supports multiple applications from a single device.

The solution is delivered through partnership with Blue Dot Solutions, a leading provider of intuitive mobile and wireless computing solutions for asset intensive companies. Deployed in conjunction with Infor's family of EAM solutions, including Infor EAM Enterprise Edition, Infor EAM Business Edition, and Infor EAM MP2, Advanced Mobile enables organisations to seamlessly extend robust asset management capabilities to workers in the field.

"In many instances, entering collected data in an office computer isn't the most productive way to manage asset performance," said Marty Osborn, senior director of industry product management for Infor EAM.  "Advanced Mobile unleashes asset management from the desktop and puts it in the hands of the people who need it most. The ability to create new applications based on business-specific templates means that companies have a highly intuitive, configurable solution that can support their needs well into the future."

FrontLine goes Mobile:

SmartphoneCommunication via Smartphone eliminates geographical boundaries for
true multi-site computerised maintenance management

MACS Group: Changes to offer more care and better facilities

MACS Group provider of Computerised Maintenance Management Systems and mobile solutions had a very productive period during these summer months to serve their clients with more care and better facilities.

Firstly the name was changed from Peacock Engineering Ltd to MACS EU Ltd. The change reflects inclusion in the corporate identity of the MACS Group that also has locations in the Netherlands and Belgium. MACS focuses on its core business as provider of consultancy services and products for computerised maintenance management systems (CMMS), including IBM software such as IBM Maximo Asset Management software and Syclo Mobile Solutions. Guus de Nijs, Managing Director of the MACS Group, commented:

Asset awareness on an entirely new level

Asset Management Software SolutionsMake more of your assets
All companies depend on critical assets, whether they are a fleet of trucks or a plant full of production equipment and caring for those assets is crucial. Traditionally, organisations had to rely on multiple software solutions to meet the specific needs of different asset types. These solutions, however, provide only a partial view of an organisation

Since its inception, Rapier i Limited has been specialising in asset and works management systems an

Perkins EnginesLong term specialist commitment to computerised asset and works management systems have enabled Rapier to develop close working relationships with clients from across all industries. With over a decade of consistently delivering cost effective solutions, Rapier has the enviable reputation as a reliable partner in the provision of asset and work related software. In a market place now saturated with short term package solutions, Rapier provides the strategic alternative - a 'future-proof information resource.

Since Perkins Engines Company Limited was founded in 1932, more than 15 million Perkins Engines have been produced. Some 300,000 engines are produced each year. Perkins Engines power more than 3,000 different applications from 1,000 manufacturers in every sector where diesel or gas power is used. Their new engines are designed to meet the toughest emissions legislation and to reduce noise as part of their drive to improve the environment where Perkins products are used.

The Peterborough site is home to Perkins Shibaura making the 100 and 400 series engines and Product Supply manufacturing the 3.152, 4.41 as well as the 700, 900 and 1000 series. Engines manufactured at Peterborough span 4 to 154 kW.

About Workmate VM

WorkmateUsing Workmate is simplicity itself. We have developed the workflow around logical steps found in typical environments in which its use is envisaged.

What's more, we offer a custom-tailoring service to YOUR specific needs around our rock-solid core program, ensuring you get a truly useful system.

Have a look at some of the main features:


The plant file holds the information that You need to hold on your Equipment, Plant, Buildings or Services.


Regular, scheduled tasks that you carry out on your Plant items. These can be Inspections, Checks, Routines, PM's or Overhauls. The task detail held in here can be printed out on work orders.

Infor Delivers Latest Version of Enterprise Asset Management Solution for Small- to Mid-Sized Busine

Infor EAM MP2Infor EAM MP2 Provides Customers with Proven Client- and File Server-Based Asset Management


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