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Process gas burner specialists, Lanemark Combustion Engineering Ltd., has completed the development of a new in-house testing facility which is set to enhance services to its customers.  The Nuneaton-based organisation, which supplies burner systems for applications ranging from brewing and metal treatment to automotive manufacturing and, through an associated division, the petrochemical industry, says the new resource will enable larger, more detailed equipment analysis to take place while also helping to optimise customers’ emission controls.

“Our range is based on process tank, oven and duct heating systems through, respectively, our TX, FD, FDB and DB series,” says Jeff Foster, Lanemark’s Sales Director.  “In all cases, our success is centred on supplying the optimum configuration for each customer’s needs, so it is vital that our equipment undergoes the most rigorous testing and analysis procedures – both during product development and pre-installation phases.  This new facility will make a major contribution in this context.”

The announcement now of the company’s enhanced capability in this area will build on the role played by Lanemark’s longstanding testing installation.  Jeff Foster is keen to highlight key areas in which the new installation will help optimise this important element of production.

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“We can now test a greater range of both tank and oven burners in terms of size and output with specified configurations to match precise operating conditions,” he says.  He  points out that this now includes the company’s largest tank heating burner design, the TX80, using an 8” N.B. submersed tube heat exchanger.

“A wider range of emissions can also be monitored including NOx, SO2, CO2, CO and O2 as a result of the new facility incorporating a Horiba PG-350 flue gas analyser,” Jeff Foster explains.

The new test furnace now offers a volume measuring six metres in length and 2.5 metres in diameter.  No less than 25 viewing ports are available, each fitted with thermocouples to monitor temperatures of up to 1350°C, and pressure transmitters that can accommodate a range from -5 to +70 mbar.  Alongside this, the TX test installation provides improved flue gas testing accuracy and is able to address common issues such as condensation.

“Both the FD and TX test facilities are fully fitted with duct work and dampers to accurately reflect precise operating conditions,” adds Jeff Foster.  He explains that extensive plc control helps to optimise both set up and monitoring processes.

“We have always believed in working closely with our customers to ensure that the equipment we supply provides them with optimised usage in terms of performance, fuel consumption and emissions, and our investment in this new testing facility underlines this commitment,” concludes Jeff Foster.  “With the new service now up and running, we believe even greater benefits from our burner technology can be realised by users across our range of marketplaces.” 

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