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Improved burner performance with electronic cam control

Riello RS and RLS 310 to 610 ranges of burners with electronic cam control are proving increasingly popular with specifiers and end users that want to improve efficiency and reduce environmental impact.

Precise positioning of the servomotors afforded by electronic cam control improves air fuel ratio control and reduces heat loss through the flue. Additionally, improved control of boiler temperature with integrated PID (Proportional Integral Derivative) reduces boiler stop/starts, saving energy from purge losses, and maximises the potential for improved burner turndown ratio. Thermal stresses on the boiler are minimised by safe start-up of the plant from cold.

further advantage of electronic cam control is that it avoids the wear and tear that occurs with mechanical cams and linkages over time, thereby improving reliability and avoiding hysteresis. 

These Riello burner ranges are available for use with gas (RS) and dual fuel (RLS)and enable lower boiler NOx emission. In RLS models, electronic cam control enables separate fuel profiles for both fuels so that, for example, adjustments to the gas firing curve will not affect the oil firing curve.

Additional features on Riello electronic cam burners include variable speed drives (offering up to 35% electrical energy saving), oxygen trim combustion control, external flue gas recirculation to reduce NOx emissions and remote control/monitoring.


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