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Are your steam boiler operators competent?

As well as offering a spares and repair service for all makes and types of heat transfer equipment including fuel-fired and electric steam boilers, Fulton’s aftercare portfolio also includes numerous training solutions such as City & Guilds accredited boiler operator training to INDG436 and BG01-R2 and water treatment training to BG04 and EN12953. But what are the benefits of having competent steam boilers operators?

Safety: Boilers can be dangerous if not operated correctly, and a competent operator can help ensure that steam boilers are operated safely and in compliance with relevant regulations.
Efficiency: Competent operators can help optimise the operation of the boiler, ensuring that it runs efficiently and therefore consumes the least amount of fuel possible, which will lower the overall running costs.
Maintenance: A competent operator can help to identify potential problems with the boiler and take appropriate action to prevent them from turning into major issues. This can prolong the life of the boiler, maintain its operating efficiencies and reduce the need for costly repairs.
Record Keeping: Keeping accurate records of the boiler’s operation, including fuel consumption, maintenance records, and safety inspection records can be useful in identifying trends and making decisions about how to operate the boiler more efficiently.
Compliance: Operators can help facilities ensure compliance with local and national regulations regarding the operation of boilers, preventing penalties and fines.
Reliability: Skilled operators can assure continuity of operation, avoiding downtime and ensuring that the best quality and correct amount of steam is produced as required.

With regard to operator competence however, the boiler manufacturer should be considered the first point of contact and best suited to provide training for specific boiler operation. Additionally, being the manufacturer, they will have sufficient industry experience to ensure the information is delivered at the correct level and in the right context.Alternatively, per the HSE's INDG436 (Safe Management of Industrial Steam & Hot Water Boilers), training should at the very least be delivered by those with the appropriate knowledge, training and assessment skills on their own equipment.To help them become competent operators, Fulton has created affordable training courses aimed at boiler operation, boiler maintenance and water treatment.

For further information on its courses click, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call the office on +44 (0)117 972 3322.

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