ATEX Equipment/Services

Large Digital Displays allow you to share important real-time information with your team.

london elec 19 1If you need to share visual information with your team in an ATEX environment, here are some values you can now show:

Synchronised Time HH:MM or HH:MM:SS, Safety Messages,  Temperature, Pressure, Weight, Flow Rate, Bake Time, OEE, Down Time,  Takt Time, Vehicle Licence Plates, Humidity, Total, RPM, Loading Bay information, machine status etc.

London Electronics Ltd design and manufacture a wide range of affordable, versatile and easy to use displays in the UK,  for indoor and outdoor use, with a range of ATEX classifications.

They can directly accept most industrial signal and sensor types, such as load cells,  thermocouples and PT100 sensors, 4-20mA transmitters,  NPN and PNP pulses,  RS232, RS485, Modbus etc.

They can also be connected to most modern networks, either to send measurement data to your SCADA or similar centralised system, or to act as a slave, showing data created by your system.

Display formats can be numeric only or alphanumeric, with a choice of display colours and brightnesses to best suit your application. So as well as numbers, London’s displays can show text, such as warnings, reminders, instructions, vehicle registration etc.

London’s ATEX certified displays can operate on either 95-265V AC, or 11-30V DC and have a 3 year warranty. They are designed for electrical and mechanical robustness in harsh industrial environments.

Modular design and customisable software add to the wide range of capabilities possible with the London Electronics Ltd range of large digital and alphanumeric ATEX certified displays.

Visit their website for more information on how they can help you safely and cost-effectively display your important real-time data in your hazardous environment.

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