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Combilift Launches Two New Products

The global leader in the long load handling market, Combilift Ltd, recently added two new innovative products to its wide portfolio of 4-way forklifts. Having successfully launched its smallest truck, the 2.5t capacity counterbalance design Combi-CB in 2008, Combilift has broken another size barrier with the launch of the largest Combilift to be produced at its manufacturing facility in Monaghan. With a lift capacity of 25 tonnes, the C25,000 model has dimensions of around 5 x 5m, three double sets of wheels, an unladen weight of 32t and a 170 HP John Deere engine.

The C25,000 was developed for Gloucestershire based BladeRoom, which supplies energy saving  factory built modular data centres to the IT sector.  The company considered other handling options for manoeuvring the finished modules, but overhead cranes would have been very costly to install and inflexible in use, and the sheer dimensions of a counterbalance truck capable of lifting the 18t units at extended load centres would have taken up too much space in the production area. BladeRoom’s CEO Paul Rogers: “Thanks to the Combilift’s flexibility to go anywhere and do anything it is the ideal machine for moving our 14m x 4.2m, 18t modules around the factory.”  

Combilift has also launched the Combilift Straddle Carrier, designed as a very cost effective container handling solution for haulage, distribution and shipping operations even with relatively low throughput levels. MD Martin McVicar explains the rationale behind the new product: “We saw a gap in the container handling market for a cost effective, very light but nevertheless extremely stable alternative to container handling forklifts, reach stackers or mobile cranes. It offers customers complete independence when it comes to moving products around a site. Savings made by not having to hire other equipment make for a very quick return on the initial capital investment.”
The standard Combilift Straddle Carrier is a three-wheel patented design model with a 35t capacity and is suitable for all ISO containers. Two wheel hydrostatic drive, synchronised hydraulic steering and super elastic tyres offer extremely stable operation on uneven surfaces and in harsh weather conditions.  Diesel and LP Gas power options are available, and overall dimensions can also be customised to handle non-ISO containers

Combilift reinvests a sizeable amount of yearly turnover (10%) in R&D, enabling it to be at the forefront of innovation in the materials handling sector. With 11,000 Combilifts in operation in more than 50 countries, what started as an operation to provide a niche product is now a recognised global brand. “The introduction of these two new products underlines our engineering and manufacturing expertise and demonstrates our commitment to the ongoing provision of innovative handling solutions for an ever wider range of applications, ” says Martin McVicar.

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