Sigma 2Respiratory protection is essential for the long term preservation of good health for employees working within industrial environments, where hazardous substances pose a threat. Health complaints can result from exposure to contaminates such as toxic gases, dusts, spores, fumes and mists, often resulting in lack of oxygen and contributing to possible  fatalities.

Whilst the Health and Safety at Work Act, COSHH and other recognised international regulations have raised awareness of these dangers and successfully promoted employers to take measures for their employees, there are still many instances in which the necessity for self contained breathing apparatus is overlooked.

Where, for maintenance reasons, workers are required to perform tasks for which they are exposed to contaminants for only short duration

Much self-contained breathing apparatus is purchased for only occasional use.  A good example of this is the need for the merchant marine to carry self-contained breathing apparatus on many classes of vessel; other than for training the hope is that this apparatus will never be used.

The specifications for compliance breathing apparatus are often different from those for the professional user who may well use the SCBA on a very regular basis.  Recognising this difference, Scott Health and Safety offer Sigma II, a positive pressure self-contained breathing apparatus, specifically targeted at the marine and compliance industrial markets.
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“Traditionally SCBA for the compliance market has simply been manufactured to a price,” said Tony Picket, Product Manager for Scott Breathing Apparatus, “but in Sigma II, we have not compromised the level of performance in order to achieve a cost effective price.”
Sigma II is a high performance self contained breathing apparatus, which is easy to operate with low through life costs and is ideally suited for shipboard fire fighting and confined space working. It features a lightweight, ergonomically shaped backplate for optimised load distribution to maximise wearer comfort, plus an instant positive pressure demand valve which is very simple to operate and provides the user with maximum protection. Sigma II accepts a wide range of 200/300 bar cylinders.

Type approval CE to EN137 and Marine Equipment Directives (MED Shipwheel),  Sigma II also features an infinitely adjustable Kevlar cylinder retaining band, flame-retardant harnesses and corrosion resistant buckles and fixings.

Tony Pickett concludes, “With the minimum of moving parts and a six yearly major servicing interval, Sigma II combines an economic purchase price with low through life costs and unusually high wearer comfort for a product aimed at this market sector.”

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