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Spill Training Programme First Responders

Clearspill Ltd have designed a spill training package with first responders in mind. In general, containment is the first immediate action required, subsequent action will involve the correct application of absorbents that are available to you. The course can be modified to suit supervisors or management. Safety is a requirement and training is essential.

(Your trainer is an approved ISO 14001 manager with 20 years hands-on experience with spills), having provided training for the National Grid, Shell, Power Utilities and project managed the Buncefield incident.

We can also arrange for a site inspection and risk assessment prior to the course in order to better tailor the course to your site specific needs.

The Training Package Covers:

• Identifying potential pollution incidents, as prevention is better than cure. The course will identify the best practices with a brief understanding of the legislative requirements.

• As a priority the use of spill kits, firstly with containment in mind. Then in the case of small spillages, cleanup techniques to include chemical neutralisation methods and health & safety.

• Practical use of spill kits, containment methods, blocking drains, seal damaged drums and deployment of Absorbents.

• Typical Course Content First Responder Level Building blocks to compliance

• Your duty of care – order of importance, company policy to Health & Safety, legislation today ‘The polluter pays’. Understanding’ step by step the risks on your site environmental assessments.

• Clean-up strategy – first containment, including communication to management as to flow path, volumetric assessment, relative impact. Tailored to the guidelines set by the IP Environment Agency in there 2004 Inland response.

• Spill management each person will be given a task that will need managing as a spill develops, team role play provides understanding for management and operation tasks.

• Understanding the colour coding of absorbents, white/blue hydrocarbons, grey maintenance / general purpose, yellow chemical. How to stop product entering drain systems, handling runway run-off lagoons, understanding interceptors, and recovery techniques.

• Modules available First Responder, spill supervisor, spill management, preventative planning. Preparation for ISO 1400`1 “Get your site right” includes site environmental audit oil/chemical.

Certificates for spill response and containment will be issued to all successful delegates after completion of the training.

Clear Spill Ltd, 55 Spencer Street, Oadby, Leicester, LE2 4DQ
Tel. 0116 271 9436 (4 lines) | Fax. 0116 271 2143 | Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Testimonials for our Spill training Program.

“I found the training provided by Clear Spill Ltd to be very clear and informative. It was presented in a very easy style that staff of all grades found easy to understand”
“I now feel confident that should the situation arise, we could deal with a spill incident”
Peter Simpson
H M Prison Service

"The training was tailored very well to meet our individual business needs, which made the training feel more relevant to the delegates. The proactive and reactive approach to spills management was excellent, delegates were able to see both sides from a statutory + ISO 14,001 perspective"

John Harvey / Environmental Safety & Health Manager
ITT Jabsco (Flow Control - UK)

Your trainer has 20 years experience within the oil/chemical pollution industry and has the following credentials:

ISO 14001 Manager
Health & Safety Co-Ordinator
IMO/MCA Trainer – training Ports & Harbours Personnel
Nation Grid Trainer
Bio-remediation Project Manager
Previous Training Projects

BP – First Responder
Sunderland Fire Brigade – Tank Rollover
National Grid Spill Response – 35 U.K sites
Nuclear Power Industry
HM Prison Service
Alliance & Leicester UK
Huntsman Tioxide – Chemical Spill Response
ITT Jabsco (Flow Control – UK)

Project Manager – Buncefield Oil Depot
Project Manager – Bonga Oil Terminal
National Grid Tansco Sites
IMO Accredited Trainer MCA
Inland Spill Respone Manger

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.