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Webinar on designing a multispool axial compressor

Softinway is planning to hold a free webinar titled 'Axstream 3.0: Design of Multispool Axial Compressor from Specification to 3D Blade Design'.

In the course of the one-hour online presentation, the Softinway team will showcase the new features of Axstream 3.0 for multispool compressors.

These include, for example its ability to assess multiple criteria to choose the optimal flow-path design.

Axstream 3.0 also features flow-path geometry adjustment, according to the designer's goals, using manual and S1 adjustment and spline.

Simulation of flow path produces the required design, including ducts, heat exchanger and pressure valves.

It can also perform: one- and two-dimension calculation and optimisation of flow-path shape; profiling of blades; and FEA and CFD analysis of the desired flow-path parts.

The presentation will be followed by an open question-and-answer forum.

This will allow attendees to interact with turbomachinery design professionals from Softinway in real time.