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In their price bracket, the new FLIR T400 Series cameras exceed all others brands on performance. These latest models retain the excellent ergonomics synonymous with this series but also pack in a range of new and innovative features. Heading that list on the top-of-the-range T440 is FLIR’s Multi Spectral Dynamic Imaging (MSX) that produces an image that is rich in detail and texture. 

This patent pending technology provides more thermal information, taking guesswork out of image analysis and enabling problems to be spotted in their infancy.
Two models complete the new FLIR T400 Series, the T440 and the T420. They provide an excellent bridge in the company’s range between the new high performance/entry level FLIR E60 and low end FLIR T-Series models and the advanced FLIR T600 Series. In addition to MSX this new range provides up to 8x digital zoom, auto focus, resizable and moveable Picture-in-Picture, Thermal Fusion and digital camera video recording.
An instant report is easily created in the camera and this can include voice, text and sketch annotations that are applied via the 3.5” touchscreen. An important FLIR feature continued in this new camera series is exchangeable lenses that greatly extend the application scope. In addition to the 25 standard lens, 6, 15, 45 and 90 optics are available.
MSX technology introduced in the new FLIR T400 Series cameras is the result of FLIR’s continuous development of its unique onboard process that provides extraordinary image details in real time.  MSX incorporates real-time thermal video enhanced with visible spectrum definition and its purpose is to highlight any thermal problems, however small.
This unique-to-FLIR technology ensures easier target identification without compromising radiometric data, ensuring a faster route to the solution.
 Market feedback on the FLIR T-Series always praises its ease of use so FLIR has built on this popularity by adding bigger buttons, one of which is programmable, providing easy access to favourite functions. The T-Series hallmark, the tiltable optical unit, is naturally included so that the target can be imaged and thermally measured at the most comfortable angle for the camera user. 
FLIR has pioneered the use of wireless connectivity in the infrared market and the advantages of this technology are of course available in the latest camera additions. Built-in Wi-Fi allows the wireless transfer of images or remote control of the camera via smart phone or tablet PC. The Bluetooth based Meterlink™ function additionally allows readings to be transmitted from similarly equipped meters to the thermal image. 
 In common with all new FLIR thermal imaging cameras the FLIR T400 Series comes complete with the new FLIR Tools software that enables thermal images to be exported to a PC for basic reporting and analysis of findings. It allows the flexible handling of the thermal image, the addition of headers, footers and logos and the creation of PDF image sheets.

Naturally the new FLIR T400 Series models are also compatible with the newly upgraded FLIR Reporter software that provides more sophisticated reporting functions.

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