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New Loctite instant adhesives built to take the heat

loctiteLoctite instant adhesives for industrial applications already encompass a broad range of different categories, such as light-curing, low-bloom, impact and shock resistant, as well as toughened products for flexible bond lines. Loctite instant adhesives are also extensively used for joining difficult-to-bond plastics, for gap-filling applications and in medical devices. Now, with Loctite 401, 406 and 454, three products with an enhanced formulation have been launched onto the market, capable of withstanding service temperatures of up to 120 °C.
All three products have seen their formulation improved and are now temperature resistant up to 120 °C without any adverse effect whatsoever on overall performance – which means these Loctite instant adhesives are suitable for even more applications. Loctite 401, 406 and 454 can fixture almost any material in less than five seconds. They are exceptionally reliable and safe to use – and now they can withstand higher temperatures than ever before.

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They can be readily integrated in all kinds of production processes or used in the workshop, invariably contributing to both efficiency improvements and savings in cost. These products are available in various viscosities to suit individual user applications, and there is also a comprehensive range of dispensing equipment available.

New fields of application for Loctite’s proven instant adhesives
New applications for this improved product range can be found, for instance, in the electronics industry, e.g. for bonding components installed in generators and storage batteries. In electric motors and loudspeakers too, the number of uses for these enhanced Loctite adhesives has been extended. And also in washing machines and tumble dryers, in heating elements and lighting equipment, the upgraded product line should soon find itself increasing in popularity.

Some interesting applications for these Loctite instant adhesives are shown in a video on the website:
New product capabilities.

Loctite 401 is the all-purpose instant adhesive. It is as suitable for rubber, plastics and metals as it is to bonding porous materials such as wood, paper, cork or leather. It is also ideal on smooth, acidic substrates, for example galvanized or chromated components. In less than five seconds, this clear adhesive reaches its initial fixture strength, enabling any temporary clamping or securing means to be removed from the mating components.

Offering similarly improved formulations, the new instant adhesives Loctite 406 and Loctite 454 can likewise withstand elevated temperatures of up to 120 °C. Loctite 406 is particularly suited to the bonding of rubber, plastics and elastomers. Following surface treatment of with the polyolefin primer Loctite 770, even substrates made from polyethylene, polypropylene and polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) can adhesive- bonded. This clear, transparent product reaches its initial fixture strength within two to ten seconds.

The multi-purpose instant bonding gel
Loctite 454 is a general-purpose instant bonding gel that does not drip, making it ideal for applications on vertical and overhead surfaces. It will bond paper, wood, cork, foam, leather, cardboard, metals and plastics.

Until now its service temperature lay between –40 °C and +80 °C. Now, with the improved formulation of Loctite 454, service temperatures of up to 120 °C are likewise possible, which means a huge expansion in the range of applications for which the gel is suitable, not to mention the boost in confidence that naturally occurs where the service temperatures are at or around the previous limit of 80 °C.

Quick and easy production upgrades
Customers can continue using their already installed dispensing equipment to apply the new adhesives. Conversions take no time at all as the product containers are unchanged. Consequently, new applications can also be implemented with all three products without problem.
Loctite 401 and Loctite 406 are available in 20 gram, 50 gram and 500 gram bottles, while Loctite 454 instant adhesive gel is sold in tubes of 3, 20 and 300 grams.

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