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Universal bus fibre optic cable from igus

The new igus fibre optic cable, called Chainflex CFLG.2LB, allows high cycle numbers at a minimum bending radius of 5xd in an energy chain. Tight bend radius without compromising attenuation characteristics

Energy and data supply expert igus has developed a new optical fibre cable, called Chainflex CFLG.2LB, which is suitable for all bus systems. This dual-core optical fibre bus cable is designed specifically for energy chain applications, where extremely small bending radii and high cycle life are expected without loss of data.

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Align The Machine

Did you know that approximately 50% of vibration-based damage to rotating equipment involves misalignment issues? When machinery is well-aligned, MTBF increases and power consumption drops. Not a bad way to cut operating costs!

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Pipeline Corrosion Mapping at Speed – Where there’s a Wheel there’s a way!

Sonatest are proud to launch the new Corrosion Wheelprobe, which has been specifically designed for Pipeline Corrosion Mapping applications.  Continuing the proven success of Sonatest’s WheelProbe range, this new model is proving to be unrivalled in the field of corrosion mapping in terms of speed and ease of use, in addition to achieving excellent results.

Ergonomically designed, the Corrosion Wheel Probe offers smooth handling, good control and comfortable grip positions for scanning around pipes and for easy overhead work.  Circumferential and Longitudinal scanning are both completed rapidly and can be performed on pipes with diameters between 3 and 32 inches.

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Maintech MRO

WimbledonMaintech is one of the most innovative and customer focused specialist supplier of MRO (maintenance, repair, operations) solutions in the UK today. Never short of an idea, never short of quality, never short of originality, we specialise in giving personal service to each of our customers.

Be it supplying information, services or products, our speciality is supplying solutions. We work with manufacturing, production, grounds maintenance, building maintenance, mechanical maintenance, workshops etc. Our experienced and talented staff will find the best solution for the job. Maintech provides the best quality at the best price and all products and services carry our no quibble guarantee.

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Spares management - a complex issue. management is a complex issue for manufacturers, almost regardless of the sector in which they are operating. Rapid access to spares is of course vital to maintaining continuity of production and avoiding costly downtime.

However, not only are the required spares often of low value and required infrequently, but the sheer range of components to which a plant needs to have access can be daunting. And, for many, that range of products means dealing with a multitude of suppliers across different product areas – from bearings and mechanical power transmission to hydraulics, pneumatics, tools and personal protective equipment (PPE).

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Mainsaver Selected For State-Of-The-Art Waste Treatment Plants Software has announced that Global Renewables, an innovative resource recovery specialist, has selected Spidex’s

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Optical and inductive switches from a single source

LeuzeThe optics specialist Leuze electronic will become a sensor allrounder in 2009 and has completed its product range with inductive switches. Leuze electronic thereby presents itself in automation technology as a full-service provider, well known for its customer orientation and willingness to provide service.

With this extensive product line, the “sensor people” accommodate the requests increasingly received from customers who wish to be able to find solutions to a wide range of sensor tasks from a single partner. As our customer, you profit from the portfolio of products perfectly matched to one another, the highest level of advising competence and simplified ordering processes.

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Taking Cleaning Power to a New Level

DegreaserA new heavy duty multipurpose cleaner, ROCOL Remover & Degreaser, provides powerful degreasing and cleaning performance - ideal for the removal of stubborn materials.

It is a tough, fast acting and penetrating citrus-based cleaner that leaves no residue, and is designed to remove grease, oil, adhesives and general workshop grime from a wide range of surfaces. Available in an aerosol spray it is easy to apply and highly effective on more stubborn materials, such as adhesive residue from sticky labels left behind on machinery.

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