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Condition Monitoring/Predictive Maintenance

Monitran launches the MTN/5000-16 microcontroller-based condition monitoring system.

Monitran PR3Monitran - a world-leader in the development and manufacture of transducers for the measurement of vibration, proximity and displacement – has launched the MTN/5000-16; a robust and reliable microcontroller-based condition monitoring system.

The MTN/5000-16 contains up to 16 Monitran g-mac signal conditioning units and features a 2.8 inch TFT touchscreen with an easy-to-navigate menu that enables users to set data sampling periods, ranges and accuracy levels plus vibration threshold (alarm) levels; on a channel-by-channel basis or across all channels. In addition, the system has 20 digital I/O channels, enabling the MTN/5000-16 to be integrated with other systems.

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New improved online condition monitoring systems for wind turbines and industrial machinery

The Schaeffler Group’s maintenance management and condition monitoring division, FAG Industrial Services (F’IS) has launched improved versions of its FAG DTECT X1 and FAG WiPro online condition monitoring systems. The new systems are more compact than their predecessors and offer increased functionality and flexibility.


The new individual modules – the monitoring unit and the multiplexer – are now integrated in a single, compact unit that offers a high degree of flexibility for end users. The new FAG DTECT X1 s is suitable for a wide range of industrial vibration monitoring applications, whilst the new FAG WiPro s is ideal for permanent condition monitoring of wind turbines.


Unlike their predecessors, the two new systems combine all control modules into a single compact housing, which measures just 260 x 150 x 90mm, enabling easy installation in control cabinets. The integrated multiplexer enables the recording of signals from up to eight different sensors.

Ultra compact sensor enables cost effective online condition monitoring of plant and machines

Schaeffler has launched a new ultra compact, online condition monitoring device for industrial plant and machinery. This unique system not only monitors vibration and temperature, but also a range of other machine and process-specific parameters such as pressure and flow rate. The device can also be used as a machine condition guard with safety switch-off.

The economic benefit of implementing a successful Condition Monitoring strategy

Successful companies are all about winning. This is achieved by having:

–Best speed
–Best Quality
–On time delivery
–Best Price
–Lowest Costs

So where do we draw the inspiration from and how can Maintenance help?

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Premier Foods is the UK’s largest food producer, with over 60 UK and Ireland sites, around 15 thousand employees, and a £2.7 billion turnover.


Maintenance and Reliability Best Performers

In this reliability article, I will discuss my observations of what the best performing organizations do differently than other organizations. It can be said in one word. These organizations I have worked with implement, the rest do not implement. Most organizations spend more time planning what to do than actually doing it. In the best organizations, much time is spent on developing, documenting, and agreeing on what to do; but much more time is spent on implementing reliability and maintenance plans over a long time period.

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VANTAGE Eddy Current Flaw Detector

ETher NDE, a UK-based manufacturer of Eddy Current products, is pleased to introduce the VANTAGE Eddy Current Flaw Detector.

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SML- driving the Fourth Generation of maintenance strategy

The art of maintaining assets has been around for many years, whether it was the ancient farmer cleaning the weeds out of his field to get a better crop, or the hunter checking his bow and sharpening his arrows.

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Fixturlaser XA Pro – Redefines the Standard for Laser Based Shaft Alignment


At its launch a few years ago, the Fixturlaser XA definitely set a new standard for laser based shaft alignment products. With the introduction of new technology in both hardware and software, this alignment tool took a huge innovative technology leap forward with regards to its user friendliness and the once so time consuming task of performing shaft alignment. The Fixturlaser XA Pro is a new and improved successor to the Fixturlaser XA with more new features and more content that will make your every day maintenance job a lot easier.

See the Fixturlaser XA Pro in action!
Fixturlaser XA Pro Hardware


Fixturlaser UPADXA – A Real Fixturlaser Innovation

Inspired by t
Shaft alignment with Fixturlaser UPADXAhe consumer market, where the trend is all about making articles smaller and portable, the Fixturlaser UPADXA was born – the very first hands free laser based shaft alignment tool.

Designed for Comfort

The Fixturlaser UPADXA is a remarkable innovative step forward for any one who works with servicing machines. It gives you complete freedom to move and walk around the job site while doing your job.

The Fixturlaser UPAD
XA is designed to maximize your comfort of using a hands free tool; it has an angled display box that is equipped with a Velcro® strap that keeps it in place on your arm.
The display box has a large color touch screen, 3.5”, with a full VGA resolution of 640 x 480 pixels. The screen is both backlit and transreflective to provide the best possible visibility in poor light conditions, as well as in strong sunlight.