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Cochran’s Integrated Boiler Control Solution

jan15 12Cochran’s Integrated Boiler Control Solution

The result of extensive research and development by world-renowned boiler manufacturers, Cochran, ‘Synergy’ integrates all the boiler control and monitoring functions seamlessly into a single cutting-edge control centre. The many indicator lights and numerous controls that are an over-complicated feature of traditional control panels have been streamlined into Synergy’s strikingly simple interface, (Read More)

whilst automated event logging, secure access via Smartphone, Tablet or PC and re-transmission of data provide ease and flexibility in operation.

The robust 19 inch touchscreen and substantial, expandable memory driven by the powerful Intel processor at the heart of the system provides access to accurate real-time control and monitoring, as well as fault and status diagnostics supported by clear, logical on-screen help and guidance. Synergy also has the flexibility to communicate with any commercially available BMS or SCADA system.

Alongside optimal control and monitoring of all the boiler’s key components, including combustion; water level; blowdown; pump and fan VSD; Synergy can also sequence boilers and integrate all other boiler house plant balancing, such as water treatment, steam, emission monitoring, fuel and water metering - taking boiler control to the next level.

Synergy offers full monitoring and logging of all the boiler house variables you could wish to monitor. This data can be measured, trended and plotted within the system, before being downloaded in a variety of formats for analysis. Having access to this important information can help the plant engineer to identify areas for improvement in the operation and efficiency of the process within the boiler house.
The unit can also monitor and trend the status of any of the key individual functions of the plant; efficiency; steam output and pressure; burner modulation; photocell and oxygen trim; burner and fan servo motors and speed; fuel flows; boiler water level; feed water flow rate and temperature; feed water pump speeds and pressure; blowdown conditions; emissions; and temperature. This is an extensive list, but it’s by no means exhaustive; essentially, if there is a data stream available, then it can be monitored and trended by Synergy.

Put simply... Cochran’s Synergy takes boiler control and monitoring to the next level.

Synergy’s Key Technical Features

  • Advanced boiler control and monitoring developed by Cochran, a world leader in boiler manufacture for more than 135 years
  • Suitable for the control and monitoring of every make and type of industrial steam and hot water boiler
  • Synergy is based around a clear, simple 19” Touchscreen interface, driven by a powerful Intel processor and substantial, expandable memory
  • Industrial Ethernet Backbone
  • RS232/485, MODBUS (Serial and TCPIP) interfaces as standard, with optional interfaces to BACNET, PROFIBUS, PROFINET, ETHERNETIP, FIELDBUS
  • Secure, reliable, expandable and future-proof PLC controller
  • 24 V DC Power Supply
  • Operating climate -25oC to +60oC

For More Information:
Telephone: +44(0) 1461 202 111
Address: Cochran Ltd, Newbie Works, Annan, Dumfries & Galloway, UK,
DG12 5QU