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Byworth Boilers Hire Fleet Leads The Way2

dec-mag-15Byworth Boilers Hire Fleet Leads The Way

Byworth Boilers, the country’s leading independent manufacturer of steam and hot water boiler services, was one of the first companies to recognise the potential of providing a boiler hire service.

That was over 30 years ago.  Today Byworth has a fleet of over 100 modern mobile, de-mountable, static and containerised boilers available for long or short term hire. (Read More)

 According to managing director, Peter Baldwin, an on-going development programme is key to the success of this service.  He said, “We are committed to offering our customers a modern hire boiler fleet and this commitment has seen us invest £500k per annum in new units over the last few years. It is an investment we intend to continue, for it has paid dividends in a number of ways.”

 One of these ways has seen Byworth’s boiler hire market share increase significantly due primarily to the reliability and fuel efficiency of the fleet. For example, the company has evidence that the latest Yorkshireman 2 boiler can save up to £100 K on an annual fuel bill.

Another result of the investment programme has seen more and more customers commit to long term hire instead of investing in new plant. The obvious advantage of this policy is that it reduces the need to find large amounts of capital and provides companies with much greater flexibility in terms of boiler output requirements and pressure on site facilities. All the servicing, maintenance and statutory inspections are taken care of by Byworth.  This applies not just in the short term but also in the medium and long term.  
The company has seen the increased popularity of long term hire taken up by a diverse range of industry users all over the UK from the Devon coast to Morayshire in Scotland. These include food manufacturers, petro-chemical plants, energy providers, feed mills, and hospital projects.

All Byworth’s new hire boilers and equipment are designed and built in the company’s own Keighley factory where the very latest manufacturing techniques are combined with time-honoured boiler making skills to ensure quality control is of the very highest standard.
Byworth’s mobile hire boilers can be transported quickly and easily and be up and running on site within hours. Trailerised or containerised boilers are ideal for long term hire with the containerised units being perfect where space is tight and when security is an issue. The de-mountable fleet is designed for the smaller user looking for speedy delivery. In addition Byworth also offers fuel tanks, steam hoses, and pressure reducing stations.  

A new product now being offered by Byworth Hire is a special steam meter which can be hired on a weekly basis. The use of temporary steam metering has been instrumental in helping end users to make quick decisions for both new boiler sales and long term hire boiler sizing.

Byworth understands that production continuity and reliability are vital to all steam users and that prolonged down-time can be extremely costly.  That is why they offer  a complete boiler service which, as well as hire, covers in-house design, manufacture and full installation, lease, training, maintenance, repair and replacement parts services.

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