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G.P. Burners Provide The Fire Power For Bumble Hole Foods

dec-mag-17G.P. Burners Provide The Fire Power For Bumble Hole Foods

G.P. Burners has provided a custom built oil/gas burner for the new boiler house installation at Bumble Hole Foods of Bromsgrove, Worcestershire.

The burner is an integral part of the new steam boiler that has been provided by CFB Boilers of Clacton-On-Sea who are specialists in cost and carbon reduction solutions that cover (Read More) 

the whole spectrum of industry, commerce and government establishments.

Radek Jaworowski, who has the dual purpose task of Production and Process Manager for Bumble Hole states: ‘’We are undergoing a £5 million extension and upgrade to our present 40 acre site. All this is being undertaken whilst maintaining our present output of 5.5 million eggs per week into pasteurised liquid form and 800,000 boiled eggs for mayonnaised filling, etc. So its no surprise that steam is a prime utility in our production system.

The new steam boiler plant is already operational dealing with a heavy four hours fluctuation demand providing steam upto 3,690 kg/hr @ 10 BAR.

At present, the G.P. Burner is running on Red Diesel Oil with a turndown ratio of 4-1. However, oil will become our standby fuel and natural gas will be our main fuel.

The burner can then achieve a turndown ratio of 10-1. This linked with the newly introduced G.P. Microprocessor controller will achieve the greatest efficiency in fuel saving available at the present time.’’

G.P. Burners, who are part of the Unigas S.p.a. Group, design, manufacture, install and maintain a range that covers: 21 KW to 13,000 KW in their ‘Packaged’ range and from 7 MW to 67 MW in their large industrial range. They also carry a large stock of components from well known manufacturing suppliers associated with the trade.

The fuels that can be fired by G.P. Burners include: Biogas, Syngas, waste gasses and Natural Gas plus all grades of oil and most combustible waste fluids.
Jim Spearing, Managing Director for G.P. Burners advocates that with the introduction of our new ‘’Touch Screen Control System’’ known as the TSI5000 we are able to provide the boiler house attendant with everything he needs to know about the burner performance (as installed at Bumble Hole Foods). The unit itself will make the necessary constant adjustment that will keep the burner in trim and yield the highest efficiency and reliability achievable. In the event of a fault the unit will text the duty engineer.

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