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ICS Cool Energy Launches Definitive Guide To Cutting Costs For Industrial End-Users

may 18 31ICS Cool Energy Launches Definitive Guide To Cutting Costs For Industrial End-Users

With the spotlight firmly on energy consumption within the manufacturing industry, temperature control specialist, ICS Cool Energy, has unveiled a new, free-to-access guide with the aim of helping industrial end-users to reduce carbon emissions and energy costs. (Read More)

With industrial cooling and refrigeration equipment (including pumps, chillers and fans) accounting for a significant proportion of a plant’s total electricity cost, there is clearly a need for industrial activity to be undertaken in as efficient a way as possible for ultimate savings alongside minimal environmental impact.
‘How to reduce your energy costs: A guide to temperature control efficiencies’ highlights several short and long-term actions that can be easily implemented to start delivering more efficient systems that will reduce both carbon emissions and utility bills. Included in the guide, are more details on several techniques and considerations to improve the efficiency of temperature control equipment used in industrial applications, including free cooling, heat recovery and refrigerant choice.
Richard Metcalfe, Sales Director at ICS Cool Energy, comments: “Inefficient or under-performing temperature control equipment can have a dramatic impact on energy usage and therefore costs, yet it can often go unnoticed by industrial end-users with limited in-house technical knowledge and expertise in this area.
“However, support is available from equipment manufacturers and funding such as The Carbon Trust’s Green Business Fund. This particular scheme is designed to help small and medium sized businesses to identify energy saving opportunities and offers grant funding for energy efficient equipment, helping them to reduce carbon emissions as part of their corporate social responsibility.
“Although making changes to equipment and processes can at first seem a daunting prospect, these changes can result in significant energy savings for industrial users. Whether it’s upgrading the internal elements of a chiller to factoring free cooling into a new-build installation, our new guide aims to help end-users take back control of their site’s energy consumption to improve profitability and boost their CSR profile.”
Russ Baker, UK Sales Director of the hire division at ICS Cool Energy, adds: “Maximising efficiency during seasons where free cooling is more plausible can be made easier with the option of equipment hire which will ensure equipment is only used when needed.”
To download a copy of ‘How to reduce your energy costs: A guide to temperature control efficiencies’, on our website.

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