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New Babcock Wanson Premium Range - High Specification Steam Boilers At An “Off The Shelf” Price And Delivery

ems dec 17 12New Babcock Wanson Premium Range - High Specification Steam Boilers At An “Off The Shelf” Price And Delivery

Babcock Wanson has launched its new Premium Range of fire tube steam boilers designed to provide customers with a boiler that meets the very latest safety and operational guidelines at an “off the shelf” price and with shortest practicable delivery time. (Read More)

The new Premium Range is based around Babcock Wanson’s NBWB and BWD fire tube boilers that use their latest generation of burners for exceptional quality and performance.  Natural gas fired fully modulating burners are fitted to the majority of the range covering outputs from 250 to 6000 kg/h with a 12-15 barg design pressure, making them ideal for the majority of process steam users.

Premium Range boilers are highly competitively priced and are aimed at the steam user who wants fully automated control with the minimum of boiler house manning.  Supplied complete with all standard boiler mountings including options of automatic TDS control and timed bottom blowdown, the Premium Range boiler meets the requirements of modern industry without the need for expensive up-front engineering.

With the exception of the two smallest sizes, all Premium Range boilers are fitted with the Babcock Wanson BW3DAYS unattended boiler operating system.  This system can be set at commissioning for daily or three day checks depending on a risk assessment of the customer’s steam process and their degree of monitoring of the water treatment system employed - all in accordance with the latest BG01 Guidelines.  Once set up for unattended operation, all the user needs to do is monitor for any operational alarms and undertake a very simple check every three days, which is completed without interfering with boiler operation and is acknowledged to the boiler control system thereby ensuring the tests are completed to the operating schedule.  This system exceeds the requirements of BG01 Arrangement 2 for unattended operation and can also readily meet BG01 Typical Arrangement 3 with the addition of boiler house monitoring equipment thereby allowing a user to operate their steam system safely and with the minimum of attendance.

Packages of ancillary equipment – including feed water tank, blowdown tank, softener and chemical dosing - are available with the Premium Range, designed to be simple to order through the use of a single ordering code per package.  The equipment is also extremely easy to install as it can be supplied as standard skid mounted packages which further reduce site installation costs and time.

“For the majority of our fire tube boiler and steam generator customers we provide process heating solutions based on our existing product ranges, but adapted to meet their often complex energy and process requirements” states Chris Horsley, Managing Director of Babcock Wanson UK.  “We have built our business on this and have an enviable reputation for the quality of our product, engineering expertise and ongoing customer service.  

“However, not all customers need this level of bespoke design.  We have introduced the Premium Range of fire tube boilers for customers with less complex steam requirements.  These boilers are supplied as standard packages making them very cost effective and quick and simple to fit.  They are highly cost-effective as no engineering time is required in processing an order.  It fills a gap in our offering, enable our customers to benefit from an excellent quality product with high integrity controls at a highly affordable price.”

Babcock Wanson offers a complete range of products and services for boiler houses and other process heating needs, from steam boilers, thermal fluid heaters, rapid steam generators and hot water boilers to VOC and odour treatment by thermal oxidation, water treatment or process air heating solutions.  The company aims to help optimise customer’s energy production with high quality products and efficient service.

For more information, please contact Babcock Wanson on 020 8953 7111 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or go to