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TPI Will Keep Your Plant Running & Intrumentation Costs Down!

ems dec 17 11TPI Will Keep Your Plant Running & Intrumentation Costs Down!

Test Products International (TPI) of Portland, Oregon has long been regarded as a leading independent manufacturer of high quality yet low cost test equipment.  

TPI currently has over 400 product lines including DMMs, clamp meters, manometers, indoor air quality meters and IR temperature guns. (Read More)   Although available to buy through many distributors one of TPI’s major strengths is its ability to put together kits of instrumentation products for small, medium and large scale service providers.

Until recently TPI has mainly been known in Europe for its flue gas analyser products, with one UK service provider running a fleet of over 8,000 TPI analysers. However, following the acquisition of UK Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) equipment manufacturer C-Cubed, TPI is now a significant designer and manufacturer of vibration analysis equipment.  The TPI CBM range currently includes six hand-held vibration analysers and two fixed installation units.

The simple, yet effective, TPI 9070 hand-held vibration meter has a built-in accelerometer and features a full colour OLED screen displaying vibration values with traffic-light colour coded alarms for overall (ISO) machine vibration levels and bearing wear. It also includes a full frequency spectrum (FFT) with cursor and all for a list price of only £399, or the TPI 9071 with all the great features of the 9070 but featuring an industry standard BNC connected IEPE accelerometer & magnet for only £495.

The TPI 9080, acclaimed as having set a new benchmark in vibration analysers, uses an industry standard BNC connected IEPE accelerometer and offers on-meter CBM analysis for machine faults such as unbalance, misalignment, looseness and bearing wear, with colour coded alarms and FFT with cursors. In addition it can store up to 1000 machines each with 10 measurement points – i.e. 10,000 separate readings each with an FFT. The TPI 9080 can be used both in simple route based mode where a list of machines is downloaded for data collection or in off-route mode where readings can also be captured and saved for uploading to a PC. The included VibTrend PC trending and reporting software has features normally only found on high end software such as automatic email notification of alarms, automatic report generation, local or remote databases (e.g. accessed over a network), waterfall plots and many other useful vibration analysis tools.  At the same time the software is very easy to use and its basic functions such as vibration level trending and alarming are totally intuitive so that the software can be used effectively by both expert and novice users to implement a full CBM strategy.  In-line with TPI’s philosophy of being the value leader the TPI 9080 comes at an incredibly low list price of only £750.

Intrinsically Safe ATEX approved versions, the TPI 9075-EX and the TPI 9080-EX, are now included in the range, allowing for Vibration readings to be taken in Hazardous Environments. Starting from £2,300 for the 9075-EX or at £3,2000 with the 9080-EX which has all the great route, docking and logging features of the 9080.

At the top end of the TPI range the TPI 9041 Ultra II vibration analyser truly is a vibration analyst’s dream and includes a 2-plane field balancer, RFID tagging of measurement points, up to 51,000 line FFTs, phase analysis plus a host of powerful features all for a list price of £5,950. This price also includes C-Trend II, TPI’s incredibly powerful PC trending, analysis and reporting software.

Drawing on its more than 15 years of combined CBM experience, TPI is now extremely pleased to offer its latest two fixed installation, on-line CBM products, the TPI 9034 and TPI 9038 smart vibration monitors.  At a cost per channel from as little as £125 the TPI 9038 has eight industry standard IEPE vibration sensor inputs, each with a 4-20mA output (suitable for legacy operation with PLCs etc.) and a 24VDC digital output (suitable for switching relays etc.) and can log up to 1500 readings/per channel – with full FFT data for each reading.  The TPI 9038 comes with its own easy to use PC software that allows easy configuring of alarms and output channels, as well as being able to display real time vibration data via the 9038’s built-in USB and Ethernet ports – even remotely over a VPN link for example.  The 9034 & 9038 monitors can also be connected to TPI’s C-Trend II software to give full trend analysis with comprehensive reporting (e.g. via email alerts or user defined automatically generated reports).

For more information please contact TPI Europe’s head office on +44 1293 530196 or take a look at the website at or email
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