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ATEX certified condition monitoring made simple

ATEX certified condition monitoring made simple

Now ATEX and IECEx certified, the Machine Sentry® condition monitoring system can now be used in a diverse range of industries from hazardous oil and gas applications right through to pharmaceutical and food and beverage.

The Machine Sentry® predictive technology platform integrates a wide range of condition monitoring techniques as well as watchkeeping data into one easy to access database (fully inclusive of thermography, oil analysis, vibration, visual inspection, planned maintenance, process parameters and lubrication management). It provides the first fully integrated and effective Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) solution to the industry today. This enables effective maintenance planning and reporting. (Read More)

Utilizing the power and accessibility of the internet through Wi-Fi and mobile networks, data can be easily acquired and accessed anywhere in the world from any web enabled device. Use of hazardous area certified Android tablets or smart phones, means Machine Sentry® can now be used in the harshest environments making it the most versatile, user friendly and cost effective solution for condition monitoring for expert and inexperienced users.

The wireless tri-axial vibration sensor is up to five times faster than other solutions. With a 60 hour battery life this enables even most frequent user to take vibration and temperature readings from the same easy to use sensor. Correct positioning can also be assured with a base plate attachment and with a simple to follow diagram prompt on the data collector. Designed to endure the test of time, the sensor is IP67 rated, and can survive a 1m drop.

Additionally, with the power of Bluetooth technology, access to previously inaccessible vibration measurement points is now possible with no need for awkward cables leading to much improved ease of use and manipulation for safer operation in the most difficult to access areas.

Machine Sentry® also boasts an automatic fault diagnosis assistant to help identify potential issues with rotating equipment and support the most inexperienced users. This, combined with access to AVT’s team of condition monitoring experts, provides the platform necessary to deploy an effective condition monitoring strategy regardless of whether the user is a proficient condition monitoring engineer or complete beginner. The flexibility of the tool and software makes it scalable and versatile enough to suits the needs of all.  

Frederic Thomas, Managing Director, AVT Reliability said, “AVT Reliability is delighted and proud to bring this new solution to the market. The ATEX and IECEx accreditation was a natural progression and complement to our current product range. We believe this is the most effective tool on the market today which will revolutionise the approach to traditional condition monitoring provisions being deployed without having to trade off any technical abilities.”

To support the new classification, AVT Reliability also supplies data collection devices suitable for use in hazardous areas as defined by the ATEX Workplace Directive.

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