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New white paper examines complimentary condition monitoring technologies.

New white paper examines complimentary condition monitoring technologies.

Gill Sensors & Controls have produced a white paper which examines how oil condition monitoring can complement vibration monitoring, providing a comprehensive set of tools to help maintenance engineers achieve an in-depth view of machinery health.

The introduction of a predictive maintenance (PDM) strategy can equip the engineer with the data to help them identify and rectify problems before they can lead to failures causing unplanned downtime. The use of PDM can eliminate those recurring reliability issues leading to improved machinery availability KPI’s. (Read More)

The strategy relies on monitoring the health of the equipment using a number of techniques, which can include fitting sensors to provide continuous, real-time measurement to identify potential problems. The sensors offer a range of different measurement parameters, including vibration, Ultrasound, Lubricant analysis, Acoustic, Thermography and Video analysis.
The type of condition monitoring sensors and techniques that would be used will be guided by the equipment to be monitored and its application. It may well be that to provide the data necessary to provide a complete picture of the machinery’s condition, more than one type of measurement technique needs to be used.

Vibration monitoring is one of the most commonly used condition monitoring techniques and in their whitepaper, Gill examines how partnering oil condition sensors alongside vibration measurement can provide the engineer with a picture of machinery health, comprehensive enough to eliminate the many causes of reliability issues.
This complimentary approach between vibration and oil condition provides in-depth insight into the primary root causes of machine failure; balance, alignment, looseness, lubricant quality and contamination. By having the ability to monitor these five key failure modes provides engineers with the tools to help achieve maximum machinery availability while keeping down maintenance costs.   

The conclusion of the whitepaper? Vibration and oil condition sensors are complimentary, not competitive.

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