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Svendborg Brakes Global Service Solutions offers brake users turnkey maintenance support

aug 17 8Svendborg Brakes Global Service Solutions offers brake users turnkey maintenance support

When providing high performance braking solutions for heavy duty applications in the renewable energy, offshore, mining, oil & gas and steel sectors – reliable maintenance support is of the utmost importance to reduce downtime and increase profitability. (Read More)

Svendborg Brakes, a part of the Altra Industrial Motion Corporation, meets these requirements with its Global Service Solutions Support package, which provides the reliability of service required to support these installations.

While brakes play an important role in controlling the motion of industrial equipment - offering a truly successful maintenance package for these products requires an innate understanding of the associated components within the machine. In addition, specialised strategies are required to service the varied needs of designers, OEMS and end users. Due to these factors, Svendborg Brakes offers a global 24/7 service support service, facilitated by highly competent engineers, who utilise specific knowledge on individual systems to enact customised maintenance strategies, or react quickly to emergencies.

Intimate knowledge of applications allows Svendborg Brakes engineers to accurately predict specific types of wear on brakes. This enables Svendborg Brakes to warn operators when components will need checking or overhaul. The result is a much more proactive approach towards maintenance, with preventative measures in place to guard against downtime and reduce repair costs. For most customers, Svendborg Brakes will store system attributes which can be referenced at any time, offering its maintenance engineers a continuous reference for effectively maintaining equipment in a cost effective manner.

As with any maintenance partnership, trust between end user and provider is essential. With many applications in heavy duty industries required to work flawlessly to protect fine profit margins, extended downtime is entirely undesirable. Svendborg Brakes utilises a fast response approach on a global scale to ensure that end users can be assured of a swift presence on site. Branches are in continual contact with users, monitoring situations and providing local knowledge centres.

Users can contact Svendborg Brakes experts anytime for free by phone or e-mail via the 24/7 support service. The brake manufacturer offers the dedicated Svendborg Brakes Service Support App for iOS and Android, which offers instant communication with a highly qualified technician around the clock, anywhere in the world. A wide choice of communication options for end users ensures increased responsiveness in worst case scenarios.

Svendborg Brakes strives to provide its customers with more than just a market leading product, as is embodied by the training offered to operators of its products. The Svendborg Brakes Academy aims to educate a full range of brake users, incorporating highly trained specialists and newcomers. By increasing familiarity with the product, Svendborg Brakes helps to increase vigilance regarding maintenance procedure, allowing operators to spot issues with an installation with increased speed, so maintenance teams can be dispatched at the optimum time.

Working with brakes also incorporates assessing associated components and specialist systems on-site. These systems incorporate highly complex electronic control or devices which require the attention of skilled engineers. Luckily, Svendborg Brakes doesn’t confine its approach to solely brakes, instead evaluating an entire system to provide the utmost reliability overall. As a result, Svendborg Brakes Service Support goes far beyond ensuring the performance of one aspect of the system.

Trust, reliability and responsiveness are key to supporting industrial brake maintenance in incredibly challenging applications. However, by selecting a highly proficient specialist such as Svendborg Brakes, end users directly benefit from a deeper understanding of the product. Familiarity with machinery, and taking the approach that brakes form part of a much larger interconnected installation, ensures that increased reliability and cost effectiveness are not mutually exclusive.

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