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AUMA’s Continuously Modulating Damper Actuation for Major Greek Power Station

jj 17 18AUMA’s Continuously Modulating Damper Actuation for Major Greek Power Station

Nearly two hundred AUMA electric actuators have been supplied to Greece’s largest power station, the 1600MW Agios Dimitrios in West Macedonia in the north of the country. (Read More)

Supplied by AUMA UK via leading specialist manufacturer Damper Technology Limited (DTL), Sipos SEVEN HiMod variable speed actuators for continuously modulating duty are controlling dampers of various configurations that are being installed as part of the refurbishment of four of the giant plant’s flue gas heat recovery systems.

Dampers perform a similar function to valves, in that they control and direct the flow of gases in ducted systems. DTL is a leading international manufacturer, with factories in the UK and India and a history spanning more than 50 years. For this installation, DTL have supplied a diverse mixture of circular and rectangular butterfly and multilouvre style dampers, all manufactured individually for each application.

The customer’s specification included the requirement to continuously modulate the damper blades to provide fine control of the gas flows.  The Sipos SEVEN HiMod meets the EN15714-2 continuous modulation standard with accuracy in positioning of 0.1-0.2% of the total travel so demanding applications requiring high positioning accuracy can be undertaken. In this application, the control signal to determine the blade position is via a 4-20mA signal supplied directly to the Sipos SEVEN HiMod actuator. The Sipos SEVEN actuator family offers a range of features, that includes variable speed operation and both Profibus and HART communications and the soft start operation that comes from the opportunity to vary the breakout and closing speeds of the actuator stroke means that high start-up current can be avoided, with potential savings in energy and in power cabling costs.

AUMA UK have worked closely with DTL, and also supply both quarter and multi-turn actuators to them for applications all over the world. As Philip Layland, DTL’s sales manager, put it ‘We have a great working relationship with AUMA UK, and we value the fact that, as a world-wide business ourselves, we can count on world-wide support.’

AUMA and DTL recently held a full-day seminar to explore the opportunities that exist between the two companies, and to share an in-depth understanding of the full range of products and services on offer on both sides, including AUMA UK’s ACE (AUMA Certified Engineering) programme, through which in-company technicians can gain the skills to efficiently install and commission AUMA actuators.

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